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No Need To Welcome Unwanted Pregnancy, Use MTP Kit

These days medication abortion is gaining the advantage than the suction or surgical abortion procedure. A medication abortion involves taking abortion pills to end a pregnancy whereas surgical or suction abortion uses medical instruments in the vaginal part and uterus of the pregnant woman to conclude the pregnancy. Abortion by using medicine is legal and safe.

Carrying abortion with medicines may lead to mild or moderate cramps during the abortion, which may be diminished with pain medication. The abortion can be carried out following heavy vaginal bleeding with clots and for about one to two weeks she may feel lighter bleeding. The abortion with medicines looks natural as in case of miscarriage. Medication abortion gives the woman an option to use it at home and having someone around you is your wish as this method can be carried out alone. Al through the abortion pills, MTP Kit is the best one and most commonly used one.

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Abortion of the gestation below the duration of 9 weeks could be easily carried out by the use of MTP Kit that is a combo pack of one Mifepristone pill with strength 200 mg and four pills of Misoprostol each with 200 mcg strength. The woman could easily be carried out without any surgical apparatus of anesthesia as this method can be carried out at home without knowing anyone about the pregnancy. The termination with MTP Kit has found to be safer, secure and cheap method of abortion by a number of women using this method.

Mifepristone comes in the category of an anti-progesterone substitute that helps in the blocking of the pathway of nutrition towards the fetus that is necessary for the growth of the fetus. This blocking of the supply leads to the death of the fetus.

Misoprostol comes in the category of an anti-prostaglandin substitute that helps in the expelling of the fetus from the mother’s womb by making the uterine walls smooth and easy to dilate and contract.

The woman should follow the proper dosing scheme to carry out the successful abortion. The first day of the treatment should be done with the oral intake of one Mifepristone pill. After about 48 hours use of four Misoprostol pills orally or vaginally is to be done. On the 14th day, the woman should make a rush to the hospital for confirming the abortion procedure.

During the abortion with MTP kit the woman should keep in mind the following points to carry safe abortion with these pills:

  • Do not use these pills for terminating ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy above 63 days.
  • Stop the consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking agents
  • Do not make the use of these pills during your lactation period
  • Do not consume these pills when you have to drive or operate heavy machinery

Side effects involved with the use of these pills include dizziness, drowsiness, headache, blurring of vision, heavy vaginal bleeding, white vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, loss of libido, or irregular menstrual periods.

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